Vladimir   Korobov









He was already learning since the fifth year as a child of musicians violine.

First public concert as child with seven years, first Piano composition with eight years.

1979 and 1989 1. Price at Violincontest of the UdSSR. After that regular  concertactivity as solist as chambermusician in the whole UdSSR

From 1989 to 1991 - solist of Orchester of VM in Moskau. Studying at the national Tschaikowsky Musicacademy in Kiew, 1996 congratuation as degee certificated musician an degee certificated musician teacher.

Since 1992, while the study he was member of Solists-Ensemble "Kiewer Kamerata" and from 1994 - solist of  Kiews chamber orchester. Lots of tournees through Europa, USA, Mexiko and appearances in most of significant Concert Halls crossover the world as member of this orchester.

Between 1995 and 1997 - Lecturer at Musicacademy for talented children in Kiew.

Since 1998 - frequently concert activity in Germany as solist and as member of the trio "ARCO". Participant at numerous TV-, Theaterproductions ans CD-records.

Since 2001 Member of Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Instrumentale Berlin, Potsdam Chamber Orchestra and Theatres (Berlin Symphoniker, Neubrandenburger Philharmonic Society, Cottbuser State Theatre).

Participation in TV-, movie- and theatre-production, and CD recording.

In march 2002 he founded Duo CORDI.

In February 2003 - premiere: "All will be allright!" - Musicimpressions with reading (own composition according to fairytale of Oskar Wilde).

2003 Spain - Tournee as concertmeister of Camerata Instrumentale Berlin. Solist at 52.nd Festival international de Santander.

2004 Duo CORDI were included to the 2.nd "culture" program from jewish central council of Germany and acted all along Germany.

11.2004 07.2006 Acting Concertmaster, the Prussian Chamber Orchestra (Prenzlau, Germany), with contractual duty to lead concerts.

Since 05.2006 Concertmaster, concert art-manager and soloist, Berliner Residenz Orchestra.